A serious problem for society

In Germany today, 75-80 % of all illnesses are attributed to malnutrition and lack of exercise. 1.9 million children and thus 11.9% of all school children (WHO 4/2013) are affected. In Germany alone, 15% of children and adolescents between the ages of 3-17 are overweight, 6.3% of whom are pathologically obese. In addition to secondary diseases such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes type II (diabetes), lack of concentration and loss of performance can also be the result.

Children from socially disadvantaged families and children with a migration background are disproportionately affected.

Do what, then?

Enlighten and create a changed consciousness! Only if parents and children know the dangers they are exposed to due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise can they change their behaviour.

This is why gesundkids is actively committed to conscious nutrition and more exercise for children between the ages of 3 and 12 with exemplary campaigns at daycare centres, schools and in the public.

An Idea from Committed Rotarians

gesundekids is a non-profit initiative of the Rotary Clubs in Germany, which has set itself the goal of making children fit for learning and living with a healthy food and lots of exercise.

As a physician and cardiologist, Prof. Dr. med. Gustav Belz recognized health problems in children as early as 2005 and, during his tenure as governor, launched the gesundkids initiative as a project from Rotary District 1820.

The nutritionist Dr. Reinhild M. Link has developed an action program for day-care centers and schools, which communicates content in a clear and practical way and is constantly being further developed.


Health and a good life


Incorrect nutrition and lack of exercise can make children ill – and prevent them from fully developing their potential, from remaining able to learn and perform.

Under the motto “fit for life”, the gesundekids initiative supports children’s health with concrete and practical activities to give them every chance of a successful life.

The focus is not on the treatment of overweight, but on nutrition and exercise to promote health, performance and fitness, which indirectly promotes healthy weight development.

gesundkids wants to mobilise children, parents, teachers, educators, doctors and all multipliers in order to counteract the problem preventively. And that in a sustainable way.

Learn more about the gesundkids activities and how you can support our initiative.


Flyer „gesundekids“ 
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