Playful, practical and sustainable

Rotary has developed a program for gesundekids, that has been successful in more than 100 schools and kindergartens throughout Germany for more than 10 years to promote health literacy in children and their families.

Practical and informative actions form the core of the various activities. Thus we succeed in raising the awareness for healthier nutrition and more physical activities and the interest in becoming a “health-promoting school or kindergarten”.

Gesundekids offers the following 4 modules for kindergartens and schools:

• Drinking fountains

• Weekly fruit deliveries, apple harvesting

• Healthy smiling breakfast sandwiches

• Sport rallies, exercise equipments

Gesundekids promotes the health of mother and child in Bolpur/India in 21 villages with 320 children < 3 years by

• Growing vegetable and fruit gardens in the families

• Train families on plant nursery, composting to increase yields

• Train mothers to prepare healthy meals (NutriMix)

• Increase crop diversification

• Treat anemia amongst children < 3 years

• Guide parents on family planning/contraception

Become active in health promotion and prevention by cooperating with us

The gesundekids motto “Get the kids fit!” is an appeal to each and everyone to support us.

First and formost, this includes the parents, for whom the well-being of their children is most important. But also the teachers in kindergartens and schools and health professionals who can act as multipliers.

Institutions, organisations, associations and the media are important partners in the implementation of campaigns and events. The annual gesundekids Congress, launched in 2014, engages experts and promotes scientific exchange and dialogue.

Ultimately, gesundekids depends on the financial support of donors and sponsors who have recognised the importance of this socially significant topic. Thanks to their help, it is possible that we can continue to pursue our program in the future and implement them sustainably.